What is Geo Conquesting and How Does it Work?
September 22, 2021What is Geo Conquesting and How Does it Work?

The fight for brand loyalty is more competitive now than ever before. 73% of today’s shoppers are willing to consider a new brand if they experience poor product quality, a lack of selection, or better prices elsewhere. Consumers can always be swayed by a new brand with superior customer service. Brands can also attract new…

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What is Location-Based Analytics?
May 06, 2021What is Location-Based Analytics?

Location-based analytics is an extra layer of geographical data for your business. Mapsted Location-based data analytics allow you to extract more valuable insights, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your consumers’ or staff’s activities. It is sometimes referred to as “geo-analytics”. Across industries such as higher education, big-box retail, shopping malls, and transportation…

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Indoor Maps Explained
January 29, 2021Indoor Maps Explained

Mapsted Maps offers customers a searchable, interactive map that helps them plan and visualize their routes. The seamless indoor-outdoor wayfinding experience offered by this product helps visitors easily navigate inside a complex venue, and also allows for easy navigation across platforms.

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5 Problems Malls with Poor Indoor Navigation Face
October 02, 20195 Problems Malls with Poor Indoor Navigation Face

Today’s shopping malls are still money-making factories. In fact, the global retail sales are predicted to be more than $26 trillion by the end of this year. With more than $26 trillion in projected sales, shopping malls are leading the way as the key revenue earners. Even though shopping malls are the leading source of retail sales, there is still room for them to grow.

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